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Glacier Vacation

Friday - Day 2

Friday, August 23rd

Had breakfast in the lodge. The breakfast was good, but expensive. We checked out, and drove back across the G-T-S Road, stopping just before Logan Pass and saw a mountain goat. Logan Pass parking lot was full, (9am in the morning) and so we continued on up to Many Glacier Hotel.

We had lunch at Many Glacier hotel. It was mediocre at best. Connie's roast beef sandwich was terrible and the server brought a new one. At 2PM we took a boat ride. It's actually two boat rides. You walk over a path to the second boat. On the path was some fairly fresh bear scat. The bears are pretty thick in that area they said due to a recent fire and the subsequent growth of berry bushes. But we never saw a bear.

Left Many Glacier hotel and drove up to Canada. There was no one ahead of at the border crossing. Very quick and easy. Then we stayed at the Prince of Wales Lodge. This is another Great Northern build lodge, that is pretty close to the original. The rooms were a little larger. No air conditioning, but we didn't need it. It was cooler up there.

We were on the fifth floor. There is a sixth floor, but it's an attic I think. It's not used for rooms. The elevator goes to the fourth floor, so you have to walk and carry your bags to the fifth. And the elevator can only be operated by hotel personnel. It's the original way back. Very small. And you call the elevator by pushing the button the number of times for the floor you are on. Four pushes of the button rings a bell at the front desk which tells the front desk to send someone with the elevator up to the fourth floor. Amazing for 2019.

We ate dinner in the hotel dining room. It was as good a meal as I've ever had. Everything was really good. Food, drink, service, and of course the view is of spectacular.

It was (is typically) very windy in Waterton Park, and with the Prince of Wales being on the top of a knoll at the end of the lake, it is VERY windy there. Walking around the hotel was like being in a continual gale. I made two trips around or the after dinner walk.