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Vacation in Western New York

August, 2017

Wow, two vacations in one year. We went to Florida in May, and now Western NY in August.
We spent four days:
Monday August 21 - Drove to Lockport, visited the flight of five and the tunnel
Tuesday August 22 - Drove Lectchworth State Park, and then Rocherster and saw the Erie Canal
Wednesday August 23 - Candadagua, Pittsford, Watkins Glen, and then Seneca Falls
Thursday, August 24 - Drove home, going through Hammondsport, NY

Here is the driving report after the first day

Not bad mileage. I was driving more than 75 mph most of the time. Of course not while we were driving around Lockport, and from Lockport back to Buffalo where we stayed overnight. Actually Amherst, NY is where we stayed, just North West of the airport.

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