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Florida Vacation

Sunday April 9th, 2017

Connie got up early and went to the beach, collecting shells. She got a pretty nice haul, but there were a couple of kids and their mom who were doing even better.

After she got back from the beach we went to breakfast at the restaurant at the hotel. It had only opened in the prior couple of weeks. There was just one other couple there when we arrive a little after 7 AM. The prices were pretty high. I paid $12 for a Mediterranean omelet (no meat).

Not too long after we ordered, the mom and two kids came into the restaurant and when the saw Connie, they said, "We have something for you," and the little girl ran back to their room and came back with four very nice conk shells and put them on the table. That was really nice.

After breakfast, we sat on the beach for a little bit, but it was pretty cool. Mark decided to take a walk (I was freezing sitting on the beach) but captured a shot of Connie in her glory, before he took off.

We eventually headed to Regi's house, stopping at the grocery store to get a bottle of Sangria and some breakfast groceries.

We drove up to St. Petersburg and visited Regi & Megan. They were so hospitable. We really had a great time and I think it was the first time I ever ate fish caught that same day. The food was great, I enjoyed the dip in the pool and we had a nice little cruise on the boat. It was almost 10 PM before we got back to the hotel.

Here's roughly the course we took on the boat cruise:

Eveyone looks like they are having fun. Regi always likes to get a photo to remember the occasion. That's just one of things that makes him so well liked.

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