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Florida Vacation

Friday April 7, 2017

The Kayak tour is scrubbed due to wind, so we drove out to Captiva Island and visited the old church there. We felt really bad for Brad and Phyllis because the Kayak tour was near the top of everyone's list of things to do.

We briefly walked out to the beach, but our time was limited because we were parked in the Civic Center parking lot which strictly forbids beach parking (as does essentially every parking lot on Captiva Island). While on the beach I snapped these pics:

We ate lunch at the Bubble Room. It's billed as "Christmas every day." The food was decent and the prices what you would expect for such a place.

After the Bubble Room, we headed back toward the hotel, but we had to stop at the Love Boat ice cream stand. It was well concealed in a little shopping area on Sanibel Island, but after several U-turns we were able to find it.
Connie was very impressed. My view is that they have a lot of flavors, but the ice cream I had (coffee-toffee I think) was nothing special. It wasn't very creamy.

You can see from the photo how busy they were, but something almost surreal happened. We ordered our ice cream and sat down at one of the tables to enjoy it. By the time we finished eating our ice cream, we were the only people left in the place. Everyone including the crew was gone (I think the crew was in the back room, but they weren't visible.) The door wasn't locked and it wasn't yet even 5PM so we didn't think they had closed. It was a strange experience.

After lunch, we check with Tarpon Bay Guides, hoping a kayak slot may have opened up, but no soap, so we headed to Fort Myers to tour the Edison & Ford winter estates.

The photos are in the order that we saw them on the tour. I did not take one of the care taker's home.

Edison's two homes

Ford's home.
Inside Ford's home
Ford's Home
 Mr. Ford statue on the grounds. Yes, there was an Edison & Mrs. Ford & Edison, but I didn't bother with them.
Edison's office/study
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