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Sunday, October 30 - Burren and Cliffs of Mohr

Breakfast at the Carhanene House isn't until 8AM, so while we were waiting for breakfast I took some tissues and a tube of toothpaste out to the car and worked on cleaning up he wheel. It had not scratches and the dirt came right off. I actually looked like kind of black sealant, and it cleaned up easily. There was no sign of anything having happened to the wheel when I was done.

We had breakfast and headed to Kilfenora, and the Burren Visitor's center. The drive was highway and expressway, except for the last maybe 20 miles. That was very tight country roads. On these tight roads, the speed limit is 80kph (about 50 mph). Only a couple of times during the day did I approach 80 kph on these roads. Usually I was going between 50 and 60 kph, and sometimes much less.

In Kilfenora, we toured the visitor's center and then walked through the nearby Kilfenora Cathedral, or what is left of it.

The "cathedral" in Kilfenora - more of a church, and not even a big church. But very old.

Driving on northward toward Galway bay, we passed another relic of a stone church. We have no details on this. We only viewed it form the road.
Relic of a church just off R480 going North toward Galway Bay. You can also see the rock walls. They are everywhere in this region. It makes you wonder who went to all of the trouble to build these and why. I guess it was all they had for fencing, and it's what they used.

Then we headed on up through Burren National Park, past the what I call rock fields, stopping for a few minutes to see the Portal Burial chamber.

Portal burial tomb, supposed to be from about 4000 BC.

This is one of those things where a photo doesn't do it justice. This is in Burren National Park at the portal burial tomb above. You can see where they got the rocks.
This what driving on the narrow roads is like. This was taken between Ballyvaughan & Craggagh (see map below)

A little more room between cars, but.. the speed limit here was 80 kph (50 mph). I used the retractable mirrors twice when passing buses.
Cliffs of Mohr - second most popular tourist attraction in Ireland. Guinness Brewery is first.

Connie taking a selfie at Cliffs of Mohr

Watch tower at Cliffs of Mohr (and an eejit who's not supposed to be on that side of the wall)
The drive on Sunday. Lots and lots of very narrow roads, but we arrived at our hotel in Liscannor around 4:30.
We stayed over night in Liscannor. It's a resort town with two golf courses, and its sea side. The hotel we stayed in was a local hotel (not like there are any chain hotels there). It was clean and fairly modern. We ate dinner there and the food was great and the service good. The room on the other hand is typical European. Very few lights in the room, steam heat that the occupant can't control (they turn it off at 8PM), It really makes you appreciate American hotels, in particular the Hilton we were in earlier in the week.
This is the sink in the bathroom. Why would you have separate faucets in the 21st Century? And the light isn't nearly as bright as it appears in this photo. And that's the only light in the bathroom.

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