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Vacation 2016

Our vacation centered on the Boston area.
- Martha's Vineyard
- Nantucket
- Plymouth
- Boston Freedom Trail
- Glouchester, Rockport, Salem
- Lexington & Concord

I just never got excited about any of this vacation. If Connie would have said, at any time, let?s go home, I would have said, OK. Maybe I was suffering with some depression.

I was most impressed by the National Park at Lexington and Concord (technically Lincoln and Concord). I am fascinated about how so much of it survived 200 years without having some organization preserving it. Even in 1968 while under the control of the National Parks, one of the witness houses was being used as a restaurant and burned to the ground. Amazing.

Summary in chronological order

Martha?s Vineyard. This was even more of tourist trap than I expected. There really is very little to see there and the crowds are overwhelming. People everywhere. We took a 3 hour van tour. The guide talked non-stop for three hours so he was full of details about the place, but I found it really not very interesting. I was glad to get off the island. Oh, the ferry ride was alright. Nice big ferry. The trip back was fairly rough (it was very windy that day). To have such a large boat pitching a rolling, you know it was rough.

A longer ferry ride, but it was enjoyable. The island wasn?t quite so crowded but it was more than I expected or hoped. We toured the Whaling Museum. I was a little disappointed in that as much of it was about the Essex, a ship sunk by a whale. This was a very exceptional occurance in whaling. It was recently made popular by a book and a movie and so I?m sure a lot of their visitors come because of that? me included. I had read the book and wanted to learn more about the whaling industry. That was what was most disappointing about the museum. It really had very little about the whaling business. I suppose that?s not what the average person is interested in though.