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2015 - Mackinack Island
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Mackinac Island
Day 3

On Wednesday AM, we walked up the Governor's Mansion. The tour there was very short - only three rooms with about 5 or 10 minutes in each room. Interesting presentation about the history of the house, but not really a lot to see. On the walk up to the mansion we saw this carriage.
I've searched the Internet without much success for a term for this type of carriage. We saw a smaller version of this at The Woods. The driver was a fireman on the Island and had been to Mansfield for dive and rescue training 20 years ago. We had a very nice visist with him.
The view of Mackinac bay from the hill behind our hotel.
The Edwin H. Gott motors by, very close to the island. This photo is actually from Tuesday, the second day, but I'm putting it here to make a general comment about Mackinac Island and the Straights of Mackinac. You can see from the screen shot below, that if a ship is steaming from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, the course (red line) takes it right past the Island in this rather narrow straight.

Our hotel from the ferry as we were leaving.

We drove just a few miles over 900. We averaged 67 mph.
Several times during the trip we thought about a previous trip to the Northern part of the Lower Pennisula, and to the UP. That trip in 1990 is documented here.