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2015 - Mackinack Island
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Mackinac Island Vacation
Day 2

On the 16th, we had a good hot breakfast in the hotel and then went for a walk up to the fort and then to the governors mansion, and then down to the Grand Hotel.

A nice view of the Grand from the Governor's Mansion

The Grand Hotel. It is grand for sure. The lobby is really spectacular.
After resting from our walk, we rented bicycles and rode around the permitter of the island. It's about an eight mile ride. We did it in an hour and a few minutes. The road follows the coast of the island so it is pretty flat. There was a bit of a breeze that always seemed to be in our face.

After lunch, consisting of free cheese and crackers at the hotel, we took a "carriage" ride. It's really a wagon with car tires and brakes, but they call it a carriage.
This is when we started the wagon (they call it a carriage but it's a wagon with car tires) tour. A common view - horses pulling wagons.

On the carriage ride, the driver told us that the wooden tank used to be used for fighting fires, and he went on about how a wooden tank to fight fires didn't make sense. We learned later that the tank was for street cleaning. The driver also told us that when the Michigan flag is flying at the Governor's Mansion, the governor is in residence. When we toured the Governor's Mansion, they told us that they were not permitted to tell us if the governor was in residence or not. Moral of the story - don't believe wagon drivers.

The wagon ride stops at the Carriage Museum. They sell donuts which I had been wanting all day. They have a very nice display of horse drawn vehicles.

A view from the target area of the rifle range, looking back down at the fort.

The arched rock was on the wagon tour. It was created 100 bazillion years ago when the whole world was under water or something. Right!

At the arched rock stop, we were able to get out of the wagon and have a look around, so I grabbed a shot of Mrs. Boyd and the wagon driver and horses.

We went to dinner at The Woods, probably the most exclusive restaurant on the island. It is run by the Grand. It is in an old house that was built by a railroad tycoon for his children to live in, next door to his mansion. The house still has this bowling lane that was there for the kids.
Bowling lane in The Woods restaurant

The meal was very good. The cheapest glass of wine on the menu was $11. The cheapest bottle was $45. We had neither. I had goulash and Connie had Salmon. We did split a pecan ball for desert and I had a cup of coffee. Total bill with the 20% tip - $122.