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Mark & Connie's 2015 Vacation

Saturday 29th, 2015

The weather was rainy and windy when we left the hotel in Burlington, WA.  By the time we got to Seattle the rain had stopped and it was about 70 degrees but very windy.
We toured the Chihuly Glass Museum and Gardens.  Walked over to the Pike Street Market and ate lunch there at the Athenian restuarant (since 1909 they claim).  Then

Chihuly Glass Musem
              inside - large work
This is just one of many blown glass art works on display at the Chihuly Museum.  It is amazing how much blown glass is in the place and then you go outside and there's just as much outside.  Very impressive!

Chihuly Glass
Yes, this is made out of blown glass.  I'm sure it's impressive when it is lit up at night.  Our tickets allowed us to return at night, but we agreed we're too old for such things.

Chihuy at the base
              of the Space Needle
The Chihuly Museum is right next to the Space Needle, and so when you are in the garden, the Space Needle is ever present.

Pike Street Market
At the Pike Street Market.  Lots of people.  Lots of vendors.  We ate at the Athenian restaurant and had a seat by the window overlooking the bay.  The food was good too.  They have a sign that says "Since 1909."  I can believe the building is that old.  It's the largest of these types of markets I've been in.  Larger than San Francisco, larger than Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, or Kansas City. 

Space Needle
The scene from the Space Needle

Connie in the wind
              on the Space Needle
It was very, very windy on the outside deck of the Space Needle.  When you were on the side away from the wind it wasn't bad.  When you were on the side directly into the wind it was worse but bearable.  But when you were on the sides, where the wind had to flow around, it was really very, very uncomfortable.  It was blowing probably 50 or 60 miles per hour.

The pedometer app says we walked 4.63 miles

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