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Mark & Connie's Vacation 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

On Monday, we drove up to the Boeing plant in Everett, WA, and the Future of Flight Museum and plant tour.  The tour was worth the time and the money (cost is $20 per person less a AAA discount of a few bucks).

The magnitude of the facility and what they do there is amazing.  It's the largest building in the world by volume they claim.  They build the 747, 787, and 737s there.  The paint building is separate and of course they have an airport for testing the planes before they turn them over to the customer.   The planes cost around $300 million, and that does not include the engines.  You buy the engines separately from the engine company (Rolls Royce, or GE predominately).

You can't take any cameras in the plant, so I have no photos from inside the plant.  I took one video of a 737 landing.  Here's a still from the video.
737 landing at
              Boeing plant
The building on the left is the assembly plant.  The buildings on the right are the paint shops.  Interesting fact: paint can add up to 1000 pounds to the plane.

B17 having just
The B17 has just landed after giving a joy ride.  $500 per person for 20 minute ride.  The props are runing.. the plane is taxiing.

Flying Heritage Collection. This is one of the two buildings they have. Many, maybe most of the planes they have or airworthy and are flown periodically. They had two German fighters that they were prepping for flying on the coming Saturday when we were there.

The Museum of Flight in Seattle. This museum is established by Boeing and has primarily Boeing planes

Two Connies. This is one of the exceptions to having exclusively Boeing planes in the museum. The plane is a Lockheed Constellation, AKA "Connie."
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