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Mark & Connie's Vacation 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

On Sunday, we had a little Bible study in our room and then headed to Mount Rainier National Park, specifically Paradise.  It was smokey due to the forest fires going on int Washington, and we didn't see Mt. Rainier until we were at the Paradise Visitor's Center.

On the way up to Mt. Rainier, we drove through Elbe and there was a small steam locomotive fired up and ready to go. I of course had to stop and get some photos and videos for my grandsons.
Our first view of
              Mt. Rainier
This was the first time we saw Mount Rainier.  Typically, it is plainly visible from Seattle.  When we were driving across Route 8 in Olympia on Tuesday, it was plainly visible.  But on Saturday and Sunday, it was shrouded in smoke, and we had to get to Paradise before it was visible.  The longer we were there, the smoke was clearing out and it became more visible, but there was still plenty of smoke in the air, even when we left at 12:30.

Connie keeps going
She stopped a way back over that hill in the background, and I went ahead.  Then later, I see her coming, so she made it up to view point.

Mt. Rainier at about
              12 PM on Sunday
You can see Mount Rainier more clearly.  Partly because we are a little closer, but also because the smoke was clearing.  You can actually see a cloud (or con-trail) over the mountain.

An almost dry river bed flowing off Mt. Rainier. I'm not sure what this looks like in a normal August. I'm sure by then, the flow is dramatically reduced, but perhaps no this dry

David and Susan, our wonderful hosts. They drove us around Seattle, took us to dinner and then to their home for some dessert. We had a great time. Being able to visit friends while we are traveling is really enjoyable.

For all of my Christian friends, that is very rich iced tea there in the glass. Actually, it is a local beer that was very good. Can't remember the name though.
Dinner was at Anthony's Home Port, 456 Admiral Way, Edmonds, WA 98020

The view of Shilshole bay as the sun sets.
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