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Vacation October 2014

Oct 17

Visit with Brad and Phyllis in Friendswood, TX and then tour Galveston, TX
Shopping, ferry, check out the tree carvings, and then dinner at Jimmy's on the Pier.

A museum drilling platform in Galveston Bay. This would be interesting to tour on the next trip.

The ferries are free (many of the expressways are toll - go figure) so we rode the ferry over to Port Bolivar and back, just for fun. Seems like the Texas has this backward to me.

Ships lined up waiting to enter the bay.

This tub was moving right along on its course into the bay.

Connie got this nice shot of Brad and Phyllis. We really enjoyed spending the day with them.

This was all I was able to get of a dolphin. I didn't try too very hard. Probably should have used the movie capability of the camera.

Some Shriner clowns headed over the childrens' hospital for a visit.

A few photos from Connie to be posted here.

We went to eat at Jimmy's on the fishing pier in Galveston. It was a good meal (lots of ambiance). And Brad arranged it so that we could get a shot of the sunset. Very nicely done Brad!

On the pier in the dark. That's Brad walking down to check the catch.

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