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Vacation October 14, 2014
Testing The New Camera Along The Natchez Trace

The first test was with the zoom lens. This was at the "Tennessee Valley Divide" stop (I think). It was one of our first stops and gave me a chance to experiment with my new camera. There was a scenic overlook that included this farm. I took that shot and then a close up of the barn. I didn't use the maximum zoom, but close. The zoom shot worked out nicely I think. I haven't cropped either photo. This was hand held as well, on an overcast day.

The second test was at Jackson Falls. I used different f stops to change the way the water going over the water fall looks.
The first photo was with a large f stop (small lens opening = less light = longer exposure = blurred water)

The second with with a small f stop which results in a faster exposure, so less blurring. You can see the difference in the white water. It was an overcast day and a shaded area so there wasn't enough light to allow the camera to operate fast enough to get a completely stop action shot of the water.

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