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Maryland/Chesapeake Vacation
Day 6 - Oct 15, 2013

On Tuesday, the sun was shining again and we were back in Annapolis, We toured the capital building. The tour was very short as the dome is being refurbished and so you could not go into the part of the capital covered by the dome. So we could not see the original house and senate chambers where Washington resigned his commission and the constitution was ratified. Having served as the US Capital for nearly a year, it is a very historic place. No "weapons" are allowed in the building so I had to take my pocket knife out and hide it on a window ledge outside. What has our world come to? The security is very lax and had I wanted to sneak a much larger knife into the building it would have been easy. So we badger the honest citizens in order to have the appearance of security.

Inside the Capital - Washington Resigns His Commission

After the State Capital Building we walked on down to Gate 1 of the

The Chapel at the Naval Academy

After touring the Academy, we headed toward home. We decided to take route 322 from Harrisburg, PA up to I80 rather than taking I76. Route 322 is a very scenic drive and it avoids the approximately $20 in tolls we would have paid on I76.

Stayed over night in Clearfield, PA on I80 and drove the rest of the way home on Wednesday the 16th. We stopped on the way home at Dad's house in Green, OH and had lunch with him.

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