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Maryland/Chesapeake Vacation
Day 5 - Oct 14, 2013

On Monday we drove from Cambridge, MD to Annapolis. We attended the Annapolis Sailboat show. We were both impressed with how large the show is and how many very large boats there were. There was a 70' catamaran and a 70' mono hull. There were many 50 and 60 foot boats, both cats and mono hulls.

One of many, many large boats.

There were only a handful of small boats in my range, but two that I looked at were very nice boats, a Rhodes and a West Wight Potter. Both boats have been manufactured for years and excellent reputations. They are very well thought out "pocket" cruisers. I also looked briefly at a Catalina 22... probably the most prolific sailboat in the 18-25 foot range. Again, they've been making them since the 70s and still are making them.

There were many, many vendors to look at. It really was overwhelming.

We walked around in the boat show for about 2 1/2 hours and then headed up to the Annapolis visitors center to see about joining a walking tour. The next available tour was 3PM and the cost was $11 per person. So we took the self guided map and walked all over town and saw much of the historic downtown.

The Governor's Mansion

The State Capital

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