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Maryland Vacation
Day 4, October 13, 2013

On Sunday, we drove from Baltimore to St. Michaels, MD on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake. St. Michaels is the home of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. We toured the museum from 10AM until about 1:30. They have a boat building operation that you can watch, an exhibit building on recreation, one on crab processing, one on clamming and one on tug boats. There is also a lighthouse similar to the one we visited in Baltimore.
Below is Connie inside the lighthouse.

Here is a very nice cruiser (Isabel I think is the name) built in 1927 in Port Clinton, OH. The Matthews Boat Company I believe is the builder.

After touring the Maritime Museum, we drove over to Lewes, Delaware and looked around Lewes. It is claimed to be the first town in the first state. Let's just say it's an old town.

Connie wanted to see the light houses (one in Delaware Bay and one at the point marking the entrance to Delaware Bay). So we drove out to Cape Henlopen State Park. There we discovered historic Fort Miles. Fort Miles was built during WWII as a coast protection facility. It included a series of watch towers along the cost and gun emplacements on Henlopen Point.

Below a view of Fort Miles from the watch tower shown above.

After leaving the Fort Miles compound, we drove down a road there in the park, past the Biden Environmental Research Center, to the location of an old military concrete bunker (also a part of Fort Miles). I walked around the bunker and noticed about 150-200 yards down in the sand dunes, some people that were dressed and acting curiously.
Below is a distant shot showing about what I was able to see (slightly magnified) and then a satellite view of the area, and then a close up of the of the shot I took.

There were at least four people (you can see three in this shot). Most of the time, three of them were down in this low spot such that I couldn't see them or could only see the very top of them. I could always see the one standing on the right.
They all seemed to be wearing the same hooded cloak. You can see the one seems to be holding his closed. At one point, one of them stood up and put both hands straight up and seemed to be looking upward.
I'd like to hear your speculation on what was going on.

After exploring Fort Miles, we drove to Cambridge, MD, ate dinner and checked into the Holiday Inn Express.

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