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Mark & Connie's San Francisco Vacation 2012

Final Thoughts

I think I lost a few pounds. We typically ate just two meals a day... breakfast and an early dinner. Maybe and apple or some small snack in between. No snacks in the evening. Of course we did lots of walking. So, all I need to do it go on vacation for a month or two and I'll be down to fighting weight. HA!

I was impressed with how unfriendly people were. I've heard people talk about people in the South being more friendly than people in the North etc. I haven't found that to be the case. But in San Francisco, I definitely noticed that people do not say hello on the street, and the couple of times I tried to, people did not respond. One guy did say hello, but he was clearly a tourist.

There is very little fast food available. I saw only one McDonalds in San Francisco, and only a couple of Subways. So we wound up eating in nice restaurants and so, wound up spending quite a lot on meals. I think we spent as much on meals as we've spent on entire vacations in the past. Maybe not as expensive as New York, but expensive.

It's very nice to be home. I missed the hot shower. The hotel shower was warm at best.
I'm glad to be able to have a cup of coffee whenever I want.

It's very nice being on vacation. I'm back at work now and just thinking about how on vacation, I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do. It makes retirement a little more interesting.

I can't imagine taking a small boat out under the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog. There are large freighters coming and going and they could easily run you over. There were small boats going out in the morning though.

I loved laying in bed and hearing the fog horn on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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