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Wednesday July 1, 2009

Sometimes you have this kind of day.

The day started with Connie's heart being in atrial fibrillation, a problem she has dealt with for years and takes medication daily to prevent. Once in a while, the atrial fib kicks in despite the medication.

We went to Oak Brook, IL to see Frank Lloyd Wright's home and office. There were also a couple of houses that he designed in the neighborhood so we drove by those. Connie nor I either one wanted to spend the money or take the time to tour FLW's home. I'm not particularly enamored with his work. It certainly is attractive, but very impractical, so I'm just not that impressed. In addition, I have a hard time being enamored by any man (or woman). I figure they all put their pants on the same as I do, one leg at a time.

Next we drove to Des Plaines, IL to see the very first McDonalds restaurant. When we arrive there, we discovered that it was all locked up. Checking the AAA tour book we learned that tours are held only on Thursday and Friday.

Next we drove up to Glencoe, IL to see the Chicago Botanical Gardens. On the way there it began to rain. When we arrive and pulled up to the gate, we see that parking is $20. The AAA book says that its free. I pulled up to the gatehouse and told the attendant that we had gotten some mis-information that it was free. He said, "Admission is free, but parking is $20." I said, "How do I turn around to leave?" I just think that its stupid to advertise that admission is free and then charge $20 for parking. Give me a break. Even if it wasn't raining, I think I would have left just on the principal of the thing.

Mark & Connie at the Baha'i temple in Evanston, IN
When we pulled out of the Botanical Gardens, Connie decided she had waited long enough for her heart to "convert" out of atrial fibrillation and that we should find a hospital so that they could convert it. So I found one in the GPS and we checked into the emergency room at Highland Park Hospital in Highland Park.

Once in the room and as the technician was hooking up all the monitors, her heart converted to a regular rythm on its own. Then we had a long discussion with the doc about whether she needed a blood thinner or not. We decided to get it and she's saddled with giving herself a shot each day for the next 5 days.

Back on the road, we found a boat ramp on lake Michigan. There's a nice big parking lot looking right out into the lake so we sat there and looked at the water and listened to the radio. Before long it was time to drive down to Evanston to meet Brian (O'Quinn) for dinner. We did that and had a nice dinner. Brian gave us a short walking tour of downtown Evanston and then we drove a little north to see the Baha'i Temple. Its an impressive place and left me wondering where they get their money.

We dropped Brian off and headed back to the hotel in Tinley Park.
Mark & Brian in front of the Baha'i temple in Evanston, IL.