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Saturday, October 17, 2009

We drove up to the North Shore beaches in search for some people surfing. We did see a few folks surfing but nothing too exciting. More interesting was the hobo jungle on the beach area near the end of the road on the North coast. There were tents and cars strung out in the trees between the road and the beach. I think some of them might have been fishing campsites that people used on the weekend, but there were certainly people living in there too. It was a regular hobo jungle. It was surprising that the authorities would allow this, but it had obviously been going on for some time.

We at a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and the music was very loud in the place. I"m not sure what kind of music it was.. partly rap, partly some ethnic thing. Maybe this was Hawian music, but Connie and I were both ready to run screamming out of the place by the time we had finished eating our lunch. Oh yeah, and it had it share of funky smells too.

On the drive back to Honolulu, I went around the North end of Pearl Harbor and could see some ships in the distance. I drove around and around until we finally got close to harbor where the ships were tied up. They apparently are mothballed ships.
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