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Vacation in Hawaii

October 2009

Mark & Connie at lua
Mark & Connie at the luau at Polynesian Cultural Center - they look sort of like they are in an Elvis Presley movie, huh?
Vacation in Hawaii wasn't high on my list of things to do, but it was on Mrs. Boyd's list and pretty high up there. So when IBM decided I needed to go there to work with a customer, Mrs. Boyd got her wish.

It wasn't that I didn't want to go there, I just never had a big desire to go, partly because I'm not excited by beaches. As it turns out, there was much to not like about Hawaii..

1)They charge you in ways that make you feel like you're being taken advantge of:
  • The hotel only has valet parking - $27 per day.
  • The Polynesian Cultural Center charges you big bucks to get in, then comes around at many of the shows hawking $5 cups of ice cream and they won't start the show until everyone who wants one has purchased. They have you stand in line waiting to get your picture taken before you get into some of the events.  
  • Parking in a downtown parking garage - 3 hours = $20! On it goes.
2)Its hot every day. 87-89 and about 50% humidity. There is usually a breeze and so in the shade its not uncomfortable.
3)There are Japanese people most everywhere - well we didn't see them in Chinatown and we didn't see them at the windward side North beaches (these were kind of slummy places).  I kept thinking that maybe we should have just let them have the place in 1941 and saved everyone a lot of money and trouble 'cause they're sure enough overrunning the place now.

We had fun snorkeling, and enjoyed hiking to the top ridge of Diamondhead. Going to the Arizona Memorial was OK - not really that much to see. A solemn place considering over 900 men are entombed there.

The Pacific Aviation Museum was pathetic really. I think it had a total of 6 planes. Some of the presentation was well done, but only six planes in an aviation museum?! And it cost $20. It did get you onto Ford Island (center island in Pearl Harbor where battleship row is adjacent.)

I guess I shouldn't be grousing about anything in Hawaii. I am glad I had a chance to go and even more had a chance to take Mrs. Boyd. I'm really glad she enjoyed this and kinda sorta lived out another Brady Bunch dream.

Trip Agenda

Wednesday - Snorkeling at Haunama beach and hiking up Diamondhead, Royal Palace & Mission church and houses
Thursday - China Town, National Cemetary of the Pacific, & Polynesian Cultural Center
Friday - Wahiawa Botanical Gardens & Dole Plantation
Saturday - North Shore beaches
Sunday - Pearl Harbor
Sunset on Ala Moana beach - God's great handywork on display.
photo by Mrs. Boyd

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