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Friday July 2, 2009 - Auburn, IN & Home

On Friday, we had a nice breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn in Fort Wayne and then drove up to Auburn IN, and toured the Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg Museum. It is quite a collection of classic cars.
Notice the red bus outside. This bus load of folks was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ft. Wayne and when we got in the car, people were loading onto the bus. I told Connie I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see it at the museum. I elbowed her after taking this picture.
MB in front of a 31 Cord prototype. It was 9 inches longer than the big Duesey and with the country in the throws of the depression they decided it made no sense to produce a Cord that was more extravagant than a Duesey. Good decision, although this is a spectacular automobile. My favorite I think in the museum.

In the "Other Cars of Interest" section, there was a Jaguar XKE. I made sure to point out to Connie the car and made certain that she read the plaqard they had and especially the last line; "The Jaguar E type is one of the most beautiful cars ever made." When I was working on cars as a side line in the 80s, Bill Dehan had me work on his Jaguar XKE convertible. He had had it pretty much restored and it looked really great. Connie was working for Long John Silver's at the time and had gone to Chicago to help run one of their conventions. I had to pick her up at the airport and asked Bill if I could use his car to pick her up. She was flying on the LJS corporate jet and I would pick her up at the general aviation section of the Lexington Airport.

Bill agreed and I took the XKE to the airport, and was able to pull up almost next to the airplane. In fact they waved me back because I got too close. I thought this was just the coolest thing... to get picked up at the airport, right next to the plane in an XKE with the top down. As we drove out of the airport, Connie started chewing me out for picking her up in this piece of junk. And the top was down and blowing her hair around. I was rather incensed and we "discussed" the matter most of the way home. I thought I was doing something really neat and she was offended by it.

So, as I pointed out the comment on the placard, "One of the most beautiful cars ever," I reminded her of those events and felt some vindication. She said she still thought it was an ugly car. She need not worry, I won't pick her up in another one.

Then about a 3 hour drive to home. Arrive home at 3PM.