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2008 June - Virginia
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Visited the Eisenhower farm on the edge of
Ike farm home.
Secret Service office in the barn at the Ike farm.

Antietam Bloody Lane
"Burnside" Bidge at Antietam

Harpers Ferry

John Brown's "Fort" at Harpers Ferry. It was the fire house for the arsenal when he raided Harpers Ferry. The insurectionists holed up here until Robert E. Lee's marines captured them.

When we left Harpers Ferry, we drove just a little bit south to see the Catoctin Creek Aqueduct on the C&O Canal. Above is what we saw. The aqueduct fell into the creek in 1973. There is a project underway to rebuild it actually next year. Below is the railroad bridge at the same location. The aqueduct would have looked very much like this.