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2008 Civil War Tour Vacation

Mark & Connie only on this trip.

North Carolina memorial @ Gettysburgh
June 16 - Drove to Wheeling WV, and from there, we drove on Rt 40 (Old National Road) to Frostburg, MD. Along the way we saw some of the artifacts along the way.. an old toll house, a tavern or two, and an S bridge.

June 17 - Toured the C&O Canal Vistor Center in Cumberland, MD, then drove to Gettysburgh, PA and toured the battlefield and cemetary.

June 18 - Visited Eisenhower farm on the edge of Gettysburgh Battlefield, then and then drove to Antietam National Battlefield Park, then to Harper's Ferry, then we attempted to see the Catoctin Creek Aqueduct on the C&O Canal. Finally, we stayed overnight in Inwood, WV. We didn't get there until about 8PM and then went looking for dinner. Bogi's was recommended to us. We went there and it was little more than a bar (albeit a popular bar) that had some tables and serverd food. There were lots of people there and it was smoke filled. We walked in, found a table, got up and left and drove up to Martinsburg and ate at Ruby Tuesdays.

June 19 - Drove on the Skyline Parkway, then toured the Newmarket Battlefield, then drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then went to Natural Bridge and finally stayed overnight in Lynchburg, VA.

Natural Bridge, VA
June 20 - Visited Appomattox Courthouse National Historic Site and then drove home. As we came into West Virginia we stopped at the Welcome Center at White Sulpher Springs and lo and behold WV was celbrating their 145th anniversary. They had food available at the Welcome Center and so we had BBQ pork, avacodo dip, fruit, potatoe chips, and strawberry pie for lunch all for free. In addition, a local reporter lady stopped to interview us and we enjoyed talking with her about the Greenbrier Resort.

Photos on pages mostly by Connie Boyd.