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Vacation 2006

Alex went to Tenessee Trek. Mom & Dad went to Montana and Wyoming.
We went to Dillon, MT first to attend a family reunion of the descendents of Uncle Cary, then went to Yellowstone etc.

June 16 - Deadwood to Dillon
June 17 - Family reunion
June 18 - Yellowstone National Park
June 19 - Virginia City & the Ruby Valley
June 20 - Grand Teton National Park
June 21 thru 23rd - Return Home
Trip Recap
June 14 - We drove from Mansfield to Rochester, MN, and stayed overnight there (free Hampton Inn with Hilton Honors points). We stopped just briefly in LaCrosse, WI because we had made a trip there in 1977 for me to interview with Trane Company. Connie wanted to see the town again. We ate dinner in a pizza joint there in LaCrosse. We stayed overnight in Rochester, MN..

June 15 - (Our 31st wedding anniversary) we drove from Rochester, MN to Deadwood, SD (again, free Hamton Inn with Honors points). We saw 14 Disable American Veterans vans cruising on I-90 West and then I think they went North on I29? Anyway, just a sign of the times having these vans on the road. Oh, there were only drivers in them, no passengers.

Connie wanted to stop in Sioux Falls, SD, and go to the falls park. We had done that on vacation with the kids in 1995 and really enjoyed the park, so she wanted to go back. When we got there, she said she was missing the kids. I said I wasn't and she said I never would make a very good mother. Thank you very much.
Sioux Falls
Connie eats her orange at Sioux Falls Park

We stopped at Wall Drug, in Wall, SD, again a place we had stopped with the kids in 1995. Lots of people there including old cars that were part of a tour they were doing (picture to follow).
Wall Drug in Wall, SD. The antique cars definitely attract attention.

We then drove through Sturgis, SD, just to see what it looks like on other than bike week (not that I intend to see it on bike week).

In Deadwood, we are seeing lots of motorcycles, inlcuding a line of parked Harleys (about 10 of them) all with Ohio plates on them. They weren't Electraglide Ultra Classics. I find it hard to believe they were ridden here from Ohio. More likely rode on a trailer.