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2006 Montana
--- June 16th
--- June 17th
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--- June 21, 22

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Headed Home

June 21st

We left Jackson Wyoming on Wednesday, June 21st at about 8AM. Not too far out of Jackson, we drove through the Hoback River canyon. It is very beautiful. I don't have any pictures because I got tired of taking pictures of hills (mountains), trees and valleys.

We arrived in Denver about 4:30 PM and went to dinner with Carla and Carl.

We left Denver and drove as far as Burlington, CO, about two hours out of Denver. We drove through a nice thunderstom with quite and electrical display.

June 22nd

We left Burlington, CO at about 8AM local time, and drove to Effingham IL.

June 23rd

I had hoped I wouldn't have to write about the 23rd. I had hoped that we would drive all the way home on the 22nd. It would have been about a 17 hour drive and we would have arrived at 3AM local time (1AM butt time), but Connie wanted to stop at 8PM. I can't figure out why she finds riding in the car, working crossword puzzles and sleeping so exhausting. Personally, I am like an old horse - turn it towards the barn, and it will run all the way. I was energized and wasn't tired at all at 9PM. Probably by 3AM I would have been dragging a bit, but I would have been home and could have crawled into the sack - my sack. But, that's not what happened.

We left Effingham, IL at 7:30 CT and drove home, about 5 hours. Traffic in Ohio was miserable. There was an accident on I270 at I71 which caused us to be in a parking lot for about 30 minutes. I resisted the temptation to say that this wouldn't have happened at 2AM. Oh well, another vacation done.

Trip Recap

  • We drove approximately 4558 miles.
  • We had no problems with the Cadillac, other than having to add a little oil. After the first day, I did not get sore at all riding in it. I guess I had to develop caluses.
  • I enjoyed driving a manual transmission in mountainous country. It makes engine braking much more controlled.
  • We had perfect weather until we left Denver, then we were in rain. But actually, I was looking forward to some rain.
  • In Yellowstone National Park, you can see lots of wildlife, and the gyesers, in particular Old Faithful, and other geothermal activity is spectacular, but is no more spectacular than Yosemite National Park.
  • Once again, the things we did not plan to see, but "discovered" were perhaps the best part of the vacation (Virginia City and the gold dredging area).