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June 20th - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We left West Yellowstone at 7:30 and drove down through Yellowstone park into Grand Teton National Park. The mountain view is spectacular. The whole way through the park you are driving in the valley with the mountains off to the West.
We took a 1 1/2 hour raft trip down the Snake river. It was fun enough. No real rapids but some wild life to see and the folks we shared the raft with were nice, and the guide was good, having lots of information about the local wildlife and some history about the area.

After the raft trip we drove on down to Jackson and checked into the Homewood Suites, using Hilton Honor points. Its a nice hotel and our room had a gas fireplace. They served a salad and pizza as the manager's reception and so we had dinner there for free.

We then walked around the downtown area and visited lots of stores, but purchased nothing. They were having a mock gun fight in the street very similar to what we saw in Deadwood, only this one went on for more than four minutes so we left. It was boring and the actors were poor, no, very poor. I've seen better high school productions.