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2004 - Back To Lake Erie

We had such a great time in 2003 on Lake Erie, we decided to repeat it in 2004.
We didn't have such a great time in 2004. The weather was constantly overcast. We didn't have the friends and family coming up to visit like we did in 2003 so it got boring. In addition, we started having trouble with the boat engine. It stalled when it got hot. It would eventually restart and run but if it got hot again, it would stall. It made for a particularly tense time on the Portage River.
I had always wanted to boat on a river. So we drove up Rt. 163 and found a place along the river that had a boat ramp. The guy said that I could make it OK down the river if I staid in the middle. So we put in and headed down the river. We did make it all the way down to the lake and at lunch at a dock side resturaunt (probably the best part of the day) and then had to go back up river to get back to the car and trailer. The engine was stalling from time to time and there were places where the river was very shallow (at least for our boat). That made the trip a real pain in the neck.
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