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July, 2002

Alex, Connie & Mark went to, Erie, PA, Niagra Falls, Wellington Canal, Toronto, and the Algonquin National Park in Canada.
The monument in the park on the bay at Erie, PA.
Niagra at night from the space needle on the Canadian side.
We ate dinner there. It was very expensive, but the food was excellent, and of course the view - spectacular!

Floral Clock on the drive on the Canadian side of the river.

Avro Manchester (I think) in the Canadian Air Force Museum, Trento, Ontario.

This was an impressive place. Too bad I can't remember what the heck it was. Maybe Spadia House?

This is the fountain at the house.

Ship passing through the Welland Canal. We visited the canal and the Canal Visitor Center, where we bought some sparkling peach juice. Alex tasted it and really liked it. He started calling it his sauce, which became a family joke ("let's get some sauce").

When we left Niagra Falls, we drove up to Algonquin National Park. Here is some of the wild life we saw there.
Actually we did have a really nice excursion on the lake in a row boat. We saw some loons. We hoped to see a moose,
and we did at night and so, weren't able to take a picture.