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Boyd Family Vacation 1995

Sat. - First we got in a rowe because she thought we should take I90 to Chicago instead of taking route 30. I insisted that we would take Route 30. Anyway, we drove to Chicago, and drove along the lake. I wanted to see the old German U-Boat, but Connie did not want to stop in Chicago. That is until we started trying to figure out which building was the Sears Tower, and then she decided that maybe we could stop and see that. I said no, we weren't stopping in Chicago. Then we headed to Milwaukee. We toured around Milwaukee a little then headed west. We stayed in a little town of Johnson Creek. Just a little berg along the interstate.

The next day we drove to Spring Green to see House on the Rock, and then to the Wisconsin Dells and took a boat tour on the Wisconsin river (the Lower Dells). Then we drove further west and stayed in +++

The third day, Monday, we drove to Hudson and called Julie Heaton at her mother's house. Julie and her mother came and met us and gave us a little tour of Hudson. The view of the ____ River was pretty scenic. Next we drove on to

The fourth day Tuesday, we got up and drove up to the Pipestone National Monument and toured that, then drove to Souix Falls and ate lunch at the Falls park there. The falls were pretty spectacular too. Then we drove on to Murdo, South Dakota and stayed the night.

1995 Vacation Summary

Vehicle Summary
3338 miles driven
average mileage: 16 mpg
total of 208 gal.s burned costing approx. $250


Day 1 (Drive to Wisconsin)
Chicago along shore side drive
Milwaukee - drive downtown & see Miller Brewery and Pabst Mansion
Stay in Jackson Falls? (Motel 8)
Day 2 (Wisconsin)
Shot tower in Tower Hill State Park near Spring Green
Drive by W. Loyd Wrigth Home near Spring Green
Tour House on the Rock
Take boar tour on lower Dells
Stay in
Day 3 (Drive west to Mudro S.D.)
Drive through Bethel College Campus
Visit Mall of America
Stay overnight in Mudro, S.D. (? Inn)
Day 4 (Tour Badlands & Black Hills)
Tour Bad Lands National Park
Tour Bear Country USA
See Mount Rushmore
See Crazy Hourse monument from the gate (didn't pay entrance fee)
Stay overnight in Rapid City, S.D. (Lamp Lighter Inn)
We had discussions about going on to Wyoming and Yellowstone, but Mark & the kids outvoted Connie and we turned East.
Day 5
Drive to Fargo N.D.
Tour Theodore Roosevelt National Park Visitor's Center
Stay in Fargo, N.D. (Motel 6)
Day 6
Drive to Duluth/Superior
Visit the Depo (Museum)
Duluth Point Beach
Canal Park / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Maritime Museum
Stay overnight in ? on Lake St. Croix
Day 7
Drive to Barabou
See the Ringlin Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus Museum
Stay overnight in Madison (Red Roof Inn)
Day 8
Drive Home
See lots of highway

Vacation Part II

On Wednesday, August 2, we took the boat up to Lake Erie and put in at the Mazurick ramp near Lakeside and boated around. We went over to Sandusky Bay and boated around the west side of Cedar Point. Then went over to the beach on the East side of Catawba. Then met Cheryl and Randy at the boat ramp and ate dinner and then went out for a little while after dinner.

On Thursday, we went to Cedar Point and stayed until 11PM. I couldn't find the van in the parking lot or we would have been able to leave before then.