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1993 Colorado

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This journal was written by Mark Boyd by hand and transcribed in 2006 after I found it on my book shelf.

7-17 7:22 AM
Start the trip - biggest concerns: 1) the flooding (installed the CB to help keep informed) 2) the kids behavior 3) not keeping closed to God while we travel.

7:06 PM - Peru, Ill.
We decided to stop here and then drive through Iowa in the morning. We hit Peru about 4:50 PM. I was for continuing on until late at night - making it through Iowa. The kids were doing good and I said let's go for it. Connie said stop though, so we did. Now, after having eaten at Wendy's (could have done that while on the road) we are back at the room & the kids are bouncing off the walls - its a long time till bed time and the ruckus will continue to escalate, that why I voted to keep rolling. We (mom & dad) will be miserable in the room. I threatened to drive over to the Miss. & check it out.

7-18 8:31 PM EDT (We're now in the CDT zone)
I just got finished fixing the window on the passenger side of the front door of the car. A month or so ago, the pin that connects the electric lift mechanism to the window popped out when Laura slammed the door. I took the door panel off and popped it back in place. I told Connie that if we make sure the window isn't all the way down when we close the door, the problem shouldn't occur again. A week later I was fixing it again, after Laura slammed the door. Tonight, I got my third time - I'm getting pretty quick, but rather perturbed. I guess a more permanent fix will have to be done. Also, Laura will have to have her arms broken!

Otherwise, today went pretty good. We got up at 7 and our plan to eat cereal in the room worked well. We were on the road by 8:10 and had spent only a few bucks for breakfast.

We drove into Iowa with the hope of finding a church to attend at church time. We were surprised by the very little bit of flooding that we saw in the Davenport area. Going across the Mississippi, we could barely even tell that the river was up ? but we didn't have benchmark to compare to.

We drove on to a little town called Newton, which was where we were at about 10:00 CDT. We figured that by the time we found a church it would be near 11:00 and time for a worship service. It pretty much worked. We fumbled around in Newton a little a brought out some strained communications between mom & dad, but we found a nice church in plenty of time for their 11AM service.

After the service, we picked up a few items at a grocery and headed back down I80 eating lunch as we went.

The rest was pretty uneventful. We landed in Grand Island, Neb. about 6:30 EDT. We checked into a Super 8 Motel, ate dinner at Pizza Hut, then Mom & Laura went next door to a Jack & Jill grocery. when the boys & I picked them up, Laura slammed the door and there we are.

John & Laura got 2 points each (more on points later) but it can't be too bad because I hardly remember what for. Oh, the last ones were for fighting in the back. Alex was up front and J & L were fighting over a line between them in the back seat.

No one know how Alex has gotten by without points as he seems to be the worst behaved.

Hope to have something more interesting to write about tomorrow.

Right now, the kids are playing in the indoor pool at Super 8. I think the evenings in the pool are the highlights for them. i just keep telling myself that it wouldn't be all the same to just driver to Columbus and stay in a hotel with a pool.

7/19 8:45 EDT
We didn't get such an early start, not making it on the road until 9:10 AM. By about 11:30 we had reached North Platte, BM where Buffalo Bill had built the Scout's Rest Ranch. He Built it as a home at first, but then go interested in putting on the Wild West Show, and so he hired his sister and her husband to run the place. He directed them to turn it into the finest ranch anywhere in the world. He then apparently used it as a resort place, inviting all manner of celebrates & dignitaries to visit.

After spending an hour or so there, and then grabbing some milk shakes at McD's, we headed down the road.

Oh yes, more details of the Scout's Rest ? There were three buffaloes in a fenced in area and they were a hit with the troops.

Now back on the road -