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1993 Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico


In 1993, we drove out I80 to Loveland, Colorado, and then on to Estes Park. In Loveland we visited Boyd Lake State Park. We talked to a ranger there about the history of the park and I showed him some documentation that the park was named after Major Boyd (a distant relative) and he gave me a Boyd Lake State Park ball cap.
We also saw a huge colony of prarie dogs there and enjoyed watching them for a while.

We drove on down to Colorado Springs and went to the Flying W Ranch and enjoyed a great show there (The Flying W Rangers).


Connie kept saying that she hoped to see a ghost town. She had seen the Brady Bunch show about them going to a ghost town and so she had this dream of visiting just such a ghost town. I told her I didn't think any such thing existed. Then I was studying the map on how we would get on down to Durango, Co. and I see this town Tin Cup with the designation next to it "Ghost Town." I was surprised by it and showed it to Connie. I said we should try to go there.

When we go to the road where we would turn off route 50 to go up to TinCup, I stopped and went into a bar there on the corner. I told the guy at the bar that my wife wanted to see and ghost town and we were wondering if Tin Cup was really a ghost town. I said she really wants to see a ghost town. He said, "If she wants to see a ghost town, then take her to TinCup." We drove up the road that eventually turned into a single lane gravel road that went up over the mountains. It was a two hour drive but we eventually got to Tin Cup. It was an old mining town that was largely deserted, but there were some people living there and some people camping there, so it wasn't completely deserted like the ghost town in the Brady Bunch so she was disappointed. The drive was quite an adventure though.

Durango & Silverton Railroad

You have to make reservations to ride this train well in advance. Its very popular. We made reservations several months in advance.
The scenery is spectacular, but that's not what I remember most about that train ride. While were riding in a seemingly remote country, we looked off through the woods and saw this guy standing out in the woods. John & Laura were sitting in the seat next to me and as we looked out at this guy, he dropped his pants and mooned us. The look on John and Laura's face was priceless. Their expression said, "Did you see that? What is that guy thinking?"

Four Corners

When we left Durango, we went on to Four Corners where Colorado, New Mexiso, Aizona and Utah all meet. The most memorable thing about that was the weather. I remember stopping at an old run down gas station for a bio break. I washed my hands but found no towles or blower to dry them. I walked out of the restroom and before I got to the car my hands were completely dry. It was so dry and windy there it was like living in a blow dryer.

We went on to see the Grand Canyon and drove through the Petrified Forest national park in AZ. We also visited some Indian cliff dwellings in a national park - can't remember the name.

Then drove home on I40 to I65, to I71 and home.