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1992 Vacation to Orlando

We flew down to Orlando. This was the first time the kids flew on a plane (maybe the only time they've flown with us, except for Alex flying to Vegas with us in 2005).

We were there just four days and we spent more money than we did on the trip to Niagra Falls the next summer.

I don't really remember much about theme parks we went to. I do remember Alex was terrified of King Kong. I remember being in the Raiders of the Lost Arc attraction, and that's about it.

By far the most memorable thing was, as we were driving to the airport to fly home, we were listening to the radio and they were launching a space shuttle. As we drove across the BeeLine Expressway, we pulled over on an overpass which was little higher than the surrounding roadway and watched the shuttle lift off. We could see the flame and trail of smoke as it lifted off. Impressive!