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My Music Interests

I like steel guitar and so I listen to sometimes.
I just heard Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Teach Your Children" which has always been one of my favorite sounds (the lyrics are a little goofy I think, but I love the music). Well I realized why I like it - its got that steel!

I like cowboy music - Sons of the San Jaoquin are one of my favorites.One of my favorite songs of theirs - Where the Very Same Cottonwoods Grow
Cowboy Frank has his own cowboy radio station on the net. Its the best I've found for cowboy music.

I've always liked big band music.
Did Johnny Cash ever record a song I don't like?? Willie Nelson did, but not many, and Willie recorded all kinds of stuff. He will record most anything with anyone.

Artist in the catagory - "Did they ever record a song I didn't like?":
Merle Haggard.. the guitar music is sweet.
Tom T. Hall -
Johny Cash
Willie Nelson

Really Great vocalists
Bobby Darin (anyone remember him?)
Frank Sinatra
Linda Ronstadt

I like funny songs.. I've always loved Ray Stevens. My mother did too.

Other impressive artists:

Roy Clark - a magnificent guitar talent with a great sense of humor - "Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone" and "The Lawrence Welk - Hee Haw Counter-Revolution Polka."

Rick Skaggs - Revolutionized Blue Grass music - "I Live A Simple Life" - great song.

How about Roy Orbison? What a tremendous range his voice has. What creative music he has. Is it Rock? Is it Pop? Is it Country? Its just Roy!

All three of my kids played instruments. John played violin, and guitar, drums and saxaphone. Laura played violin, and Alex played bass, and guitar. I'm so proud of all of them for their talent and work in music!

Some Favorites:

Major Tom by David Bowie
Hello Walls by Willie Nelson
16 Tons - Tennesee Ernie Ford
Big John -

Nov. 2009 - I've discovered a colleague has a bunch of classical guitar music on his web page. Treat yourself to the guitar sounds of Jonathan Sayes. Classical guitar anoints the soul.
Wonder if I could get him to play some Willy or The Hag?