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2011 Bill Glass Dayton Weekend of Champions

May 12, 13, & 14 we did the Dayton Weekend of Champions. Ron Kidwell, Lon Greer, Bob Ray and I (along with a bunch of other brothers) went into Madison Correctional in Madison Co. near London, Ohio.

The following impressed me:

  1. How few men came to the program. There were about 900 men in the portion of the institution we were in, but we probably never had more than 120 or so at the program. Maybe not even that many. We were a little disappointed by this, but we kept telling each other, "God knows what he's doing."
  2. That most of the men coming to the program were Christians. I never spoke to anyone the whole weekend who wasn't a Christian. We all hope to lead someone to Christ, but I'm not disappointed to just meet with Christians. If I can bless them, then I'm serving Christ and that's the whole point.
  3. The number of testimonies I heard. Of course all of the platform guests gave their testimony in a powerful way, but I heard testimonies from several of the inmates as well. On Sunday in the worship service as I reflected on the past two days of testimonies I cried like John Beohner.
  4. That several men, when they learned I was from Mansfield, wanted to know about the Volunteers of America as its one of the few half way houses in the state that accept sex offenders.