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Air Guns From The Street

My father walks his neighborhood and collects things to repair or recycle. He picked up a couple of air guns, both of which are completely operable. The BB gun came full of BBs even. I'm not sure when he collected these, but he gave them to me last weekend, January 14, 2012.

The top rifle is a BB only gun. Daisy Model 840. The lower one is Daisy Powerline 880. Its has a rifled barrel and so it shoot pellets or BBs. Both are .177 caliber and pump guns. The Model 840 actually shoots very well.

The 880 I haven't decided yet. I've only shot one type of pellet and it was doing just fair, but I need to work on it more.

Both are fully functional. I oiled the pumps and cleaned the barrel of the 880 and started shooting from there.