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Marauder Feed Issue

June 4, 2017

I've been having issues with the magazine feeding pellets correctly in my Marauder. Two issues occur. The first is that the magazine doesn't index at all and no pellet is fed when the bolt is cycled. If I listen closely and watch the magazine when I cock the rifle, I can see and hear if the magazine indexes. (I have to have my hearing aides on to hear this). If I tap on the magazine after cocking, once in a while I can see it index with the tap. So it's hung up and a little tap frees it to index. I shouldn't have to "jiggle the handle" on a rifle of this quality and cost.

The second issue is that somehow the pellet is getting out of position (maybe the magazine is only partially indexing to the next round) and when I try to close the bolt, a pellet is jammed out of position. This is difficult to clear. The bolt won't close. The bolt will open, but the magazine can't be removed. It seems only when I force the bolt to move forward somewhat am I able to then open the bolt and then remove the magazine. Here is a photo of the last time I had the issue, when I was finally able to get the magazine removed. Usually, when the magazine is removed, there is pellet laying lose in the chamber.

Both of these issues have been more prevalent with Crossman Premier pellets than with J&B Match Tapered Dome pellets.

The pellet is stuck on the bolt in this case. Usually (maybe always before) the pellet fell out of the chamber when the magazine is removed.

Here a close up of the situation.