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Umarex Gauntlet

December 2019

Just about the time I purchased the Benjamin Marauder, Umarex announced the Gauntlet. It is a regulated PCP rifle with features and a price point that made it a market leader in the price range.

Consequently I wondered how the Marauder compared to the new Gauntlet. I watched for reviews, but never found one that satisfied me. And so, I had to purchase one in order to do my own comparison (grin).

The breach is chipped, but it was obviously done before the anodizing. So I guess they are OK with this quality.

Here's the cleaning patch after the first time through the rifle. Wow, not even a .22 rimfire gets that dirty shooting it. Be sure to clean your new rifles before shooting!
Here's the next patch through the rifle. This barrel was a mess as it came from the factory.

Here's the entry hole, and the exit hole below. The .25 is a knock out round!
So the manufacturing quality is nothing great, but the power of the gun is super. I need to get some good group comparisons and compare to my Benjamin Marauder. I don't think the Gauntlet can come close.
Mine is a later model with a barrel band.