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August 2021 - Cutting Trees

A big elm tree, which has been dead for several year, broke off and fell into the pond. I tried to have it cut down a couple of years ago, but was stopped (that's another story).

You can see the wood in the pond here.

You can see the "cum-along." That's how I got the big stuff out of the pond.
Here, the pond is mostly cleared out. Certainly of all of the large branches. It took about 2 hours to get all of this done.
Here's most of the wood delivered to my son John's house. I think it was more than he was expecting. Maybe he can give some to his neighbors.

I am thankful that I'm able to do this kind of work at my age. It's been pretty hot and humid when I'm doing all of this and I can only go about an hour and I'm ready for a long break. But I know guys my age that couldn't do this work. And I know guys 10 or 15 years older who could do this work (and I don't expect to be able to do it in 10 to 15 years). Anyway, I'm thankful that I can do what I can do.