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Cutting & Milling Wood in 2019

Of course there are dead white ash trees all around. I had one in the back yard to take down. At the same time, Mrs. Boyd wants a fire place mantle for the fireplace in the basement. So let's do both!

I have another page that offers more details, from when I did this back in 2013.

I cut the tree down and made two logs. Had to drag them out of the yard with the truck

Here are the logs.
The first cut is made, and I'm prepping for the second. The log has to be shaved so that there is basically a flat straight surface, more or less. You can see that I've been chopping the log at the end to get a straight surface. That is some work for sure!

Now making the second cut. You can see the board is nailed down to make the guide for the saw jig.

We're going for a 3"x5" slab, so the next cut will be about 3.5" deep. Then I can do the rest of the clean up on the table saw I think.