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Bike Carrier Modification

June 2011

My sister asked me to modify her trailer hitch mounted bicycle carrier so that it can also serve as a trailer hitch for her boat trailer. The boat is very light or else this would not be possible. Even with the trailer being very light, I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, but we'll see what happens.

June 21, 2011

Yesterday I used a hand grinder and cut off blade to cut the metal plates.

You can see the new grinder. Pretty handy tool.

All cut and ready to go.

Today I welded the plates onto the bike rack. I have to cut and weld the plates to make up the receiver for the trailer hitch next.

This stock goes in to reinforce the hitch.
Cut to length, ready to weld.

June 26, 2011

Here's the carrier welding done with the draw bar installed.
Here's the carrier with a 1/4" hole drilled through the side plate and you can see the drill guide in the drawbar inside the carrier. The drill guide has a 1/8" hole and centers the drill on the drawbar pin hole. Then I drill a hole on the opposite side of the carrier that is exactly lined up with the drawbar pin hole. Then I remove the drill guide and use the hole in the drawbar to drill a 1/2" hole through this side of the carrier. All of this to get the pin holes lined up properly.

The steel was free - dad gave me that.
About 12 welding rods - $??
A new hand held 4 1/2" grinder and cutting wheels - $30.
Chain links and grade 8 bolts and lock nuts - $5

July 3, 2011
Here's the final thing in action. I guess its going to work out fine. The owner is happy with it. I told her to bring it back after this weekend use and I'll weld one more plate on it for lateral strength and paint it.

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