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Cabinet Rotate Project

Art Haring gave Mrs. Boyd the idea to flip around or rotate the cabinet that is between the living room and dining room in our house. (Mrs. Boyd decided to make the living room into the dining room and buy this enormous table so she can seat the whole clan when she wants to.) So trying to make things look sensible, Art recommended that she (I) rotate the cabinet so that the door face into the (now) dining room.

So today, December 5, 2009, I got it done.
Before - looking from the den or former dining room. This was while I was pulling nails.

Before from the now dining room (formerly living ro

Close up of pulling nails. The yellow arrow shows a nail slightly lifted from its original position.

The nails were countersunk so I had to dig into the wood, get a hold of the nail just below the head with the diagonal cutter and pry the nail up.

Once the head was up above the wood, I could get ahold of it with needle nose pliers and pry it the rest of the way out.
Here with the cabinet laid over you can see the electric cable. There is an electrical outlet in the top of the cabinet fed up through the floor. So once the cabinet was out of the way, I could drill another hole for the cable to come up through the floor at what would be the new back of the cabinet. Fortunately the cable was fed from that direction, so moving the hole actually made the cable longer, not shorter in the cabinet.

There was a nail sticking out of the bottom of the cabinet. I was worried that it would cause problems when I was moving the cabinet around on the cabinet base so I cut it off with a dremel tool. You can just see the cut of nail visible at the yellow arrow.
Done! At least rotated. I put drywall screws down through the nail holes and then covered them with wood putty. When the photo was taken, I still need to sand the putty and then put a coat of polyurathane on the bottom to seal the wood putty.