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Re-wiring for the Garage

The day before we had our new driveway started, the power in the garage went off. The GFCI recepticle continuously tripped. I did some investigation and found that the problem was that the conduit running between the house and the separate garage was rusted out and full of water. So it had to be replaced.

The easy way to run new conduit was to run it beside the new driveway. I doesn't meet code, but it works just fine.

I started this in July and finished today, Aug. 6, 2011.

The new conduit running along the driveway.

Running along the driveway and then over to the pole to feed the light.

I had good help with the backfilling. This guy can handle a shovel!
August 6, 2011. I finished the wiring and laid two new sandstone steps for the walk.
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