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Family History

I've done fairly extensive research into my family history and having a place to publish it was a large part of the motivation to get this web space. I've traced both my father's family (Boyd) and my mother's family (Mosher) back to the later 18th century.

The Boyd family from about 1800, can be broken into two major branches, descendants of Mary Scott (Joeseph Boyd's first wife) and descendants of Sara Duvall (his second wife). I've accounted for nearly every descendant of Sara Duvall, from whom I descended.

I've broken the web site into three basic sections
My Immediate Family
Boyd Family - My father's father's family
Weber Family - My father's mother's family
Mosher Family - My mother's family
and I hope to have my genealogical database published here before long.


Aug 1, 2011 - I received an e-mail from Kathy Langkamp today which resulted in an e-mail exhange and I learned the following:
Her husband, Stephen Bentlely graduated from Pleasant High School two years before me (and his brother Tim was a year behind me). Stephen is a descendant of Charles A. Wasser as am I. Stephen descended from Charles' son Louis and I descended from Charles daughter Mary. My father remembers visiting the Louis Wasser family in Toledo on more than one occasion. I've had very little success researching the Wasser family so it was quite exciting to hear from Kathy and to learn that I was going to high school with cousins.

To add to the irony, Stephen and Kathy own a cabin in Lakeside, OH that is just a few doors from where we will be staying over Labor Day weekend. So we will have the pleasure of meeting them then.

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