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Sixth Generation

32. Joseph Jr. BOYD21,22 was born on Jul 5, 1766 in Near Potomac, Prince Geo. Co., Maryland.22 He died on Dec 18, 1846 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio.21 He was buried in Idleman Cem., Marion Co., Ohio, Ohio.21 Was patriach of Boyd family in Ohio. Moved to Licking Co. Ohio Sept., 1814. (Sept. according to expense diary in possession of Dr. George Sandusky) Moved to farm 3 miles north of Waldo in Marion Co. in 1825 or 26.

Joseph Boyd's "estate" was "centered around Bladenburg which is near the Washington D.C. line" according to Eleanor Berkshire Pease in a letter to Mark Boyd in May of 1987.

"In a land deed filed January 5, 1800 his occupation is given as merchant. On August 18, 1791 he took out a license to marry Mary Scott in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, which adjoins Prince George's County. Mary Scott Boyd was the daughter of Joseph and Ann Hayward Scott and a member of the Society of Friends. At that time Quakers did not take out marriage licenses. Instead, the couple was required to appear before the Monthly Meeting three times in succession and declare their intention to marry. Therefore it is highly probable that Mary Scott Boyd was read out of the meeting or disowned for marrying outside of her faith. She was born October 5, 1767 and died November 6, 1797 leaving six children, all five years of age or younger. We do not know where the children were raised. It is quite probable that the girls, at least, were raised by their maternal grandmother, Ann Hayward Scott and aunt, Ann Scott Livingston, in Baltimore."-E. Berkshire

"Joseph Boyd, junior married a second time to Sarah Duvall. Documents on file in the Hall of Records indicate that the Boyd and Duvall families must have been close friends. We find two Duvall signatures as witnesses to the will of Joseph Boyd, senoir, and there seems to have been at least two marriages between the families. Sarah Duvall was a close friend of Rachel Boyd, Joseph Boyd, junior's sister. She is said to have helped Rachel elope with Joseph Owens by throwing clothes and a side saddle out of a second story window. Brumbaugh lists the marriage license date of Joseph and Sarah as August 15, 1815. I feel that this must be a misreading of early records, as their first son was born in 1810. There is also a land transaction in Annapolis which reads as follows: 'made 23 Feb. 1803, between Richard Boyd of Morgan Twsp. Greene Co., PA, John Boyd and Joseph Boyd and Rachel Boyd of Prince George's Co., heirs of Joseph Boyd,...whereas tract to be divided among four youngest sons of Joseph Boyd: Richard, Thomas, Abram and William, and Abraham is deceased (leaving his brothers and sisters his heirs) deed made to Zadock Duvall for 220 ac. Elizabeth Boyd, wife of John Boyd released dower in deed. On 509, a special warrant from Joseph Boyd, a bond of obligation, whereas the wife of Joseph Boyd has not released dower...' This would indicate that Jospeh had remarried, sometime between 1797 and 1803. The family seems to have moved to Ohio before the birth of the third son, John Wesley. They settled on a farm in Licking Co., later moving to Pleasant Twnshp. in Marion County, where Joseph purchased a large tract of land. He was a Whig in Politics and served two terms as a Justice of the Peace. He and his wife were members of the First Presbyterian Church on Prospect Street in Marion. This stone church was built in 1828 about two blocks north of the large frame home built by Harvey and Martha Peters. As children we attended services there, although grandmother and mother were never members of the church. Joseph Boyd, junior died December 18, 1846 and Sarah died January 23, 1854. They were both buried in the Idleman Cemetery near Waldo with their son Edwin and grandson Hiram."-E. Berkshire

Joseph Boyd left a will. "Family tradition has it that furniture and the stuff was ferried across the Ohio River between Wheeling, WVA and Ohio and the family made off and settled near Lake Hebron in Licking Co., Ohio."-LAB


In the name of the Benevolent Father-
I Joseph Boyd Sr. of Pleasant Township Marion County and State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory do make and prescribe this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say-
1st) I give and devise to my son Joseph Boyd (he being the oldest) the sum of One Dollar in cash - he lives in Baltimore - Md
2nd) I give and devise to my Daughter Eleanor Boyd the sum of One ollar in cash.
3rd) I give and devise to my son Hiram Boyd the sum of One Dollar in cash.
4th) I give and devise to my son William Boyd the sum of One Dollar in cash.
5th) I give and devise to my Daughter Mary Boyd the sum of One Dollar in cash.
6th) I give and devise to my son Silvester Boyd my mare Siloce.
7th) I give and devise to my son John W. Boyd my Bay mare by the name of Hanna.
8th) I give and devise to my son George W. Boyd the old farm on Which I reside - situated in Pleasant Township Marion County.
9th) I give give (sic) and devise to the three children of Hiram Boyd as follows - to wit to Joseph Boyd son of Hiram Boyd the sum of two Hundred Dollars in cash.
10th) I give and devise to Mary E. Boyd Daughter of Hiram Boyd the sum of two hundred Dollars in cash.
11th) I give and devise to Henry L. Boyd son of Hiram Boyd the sum of two hundred Dollars in cash.
12th) I give and devise to Susan K. Boyd Daughter of Hiram Boyd the sum of One Dollar in cash.
13th) I give and devise to Martha A. Boyd Daughter of Hiram Boyd the sum of One Dollar in cash.
14th) It is my will that my Exacator dispose of a Certain tract of land which I Bought of Thomas Cooper situated in Pleasant Township Marion County Ohio - and pay off all the above legacies out of the procedes of the sale of said parcel - also all my just debts - and the remainder of the procedes of said land to be divided share and share alike between Silvester Boyd - John W. Boyd - George W. Boyd and the three children of Hiram Boyd namely Joseph Boyd - Mary E. Boyd - and Henry L. Boyd -
And Lastly) I hereby Constitute and appoint my said Son Silvester Boyd to be my Exacator and in case of his death my son John W. Boyd of this my last will and testament by one made and ratifying the same. it is also my will that my Exacator see to my beloved wife Sarah Boyd - that she is well taken care of and provided for during her natural life.

In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal
this 22nd day of October AD 1846.
Signed published and declared
by the said Joseph Boyd to be
his last will and testament
in presence of us who at his
request signed the same as
witnesses ---------- (signed Joseph Boyd

(signed John Myers & Cyrus Brown

From Brumbaugh 1985, Genealogical Publishing Co. vol I, pp174, Gun. Joseph Boyd Born 5th July 1766, Prince George's County Militia in the French War of 1799. Also listed, Benjamin Boyd, b.24th March 1768 and William Boyd b. 10th April, 1781. All were privates. Served in Captain Jacob Duckett's Company in the 34th Maryland Regiment, 30th March, 1799, under command of Leiut. Col. Hill.

The "French War" probably refers to the involvement that the US had with France resulting in part from the French Revolution (1789-1799). Some Americans were sympathetic with the French people seeing the French Revolution as a people's movement similar to the American Revolution. Restraint however prevented the US from becoming involved. During this period, French ships began the practice of seizing American ships, and President Adams sent diplomats to France to resolve this issue, with little success. Tensions grew, Congress established the Department of the the Navy in 1789, and authorized the building of naval ships, and George Washington was called to command the Army. So, the 'French War' was not a war at all, but mofrom Quaker Records Saratoga NY 1795-1855 Joseph Jr. BOYD and Sarah DUVALL were married on Aug 15, 1814 in , Prince Geo. Co., Maryland, Queen Annes Par..

33. Sarah DUVALL was born on Jul 21, 1774 in , Prince Geo. Co., Maryland. She died on Jan 24, 1851 in Prospect, Marion Co., Ohio.21,23 The Annals of Boyd Family list the death date as Jan. 24, 1847 and that she was 82 years of age. If in fact she died in 1847 and was 82, she would have been one year older than her husband, Joseph Boyd.
The grave marker lists the death date as Jan 24, 1851. She was buried in Idleman Cem., Marion Co., Ohio.21 Children were:


Edwin BOYD was born on Mar 31, 1810 in , Prince Geo. Co., Maryland. He died on Jul 27, 1834 in Waldo, Marion Co., Ohio. He was buried in Idleman Cem., Marion Co., Ohio.21 aged 24y3m27d info from E. Berkshire and M. Boyd



Sylvester BOYD.


John Wesley BOYD was born on Oct 15, 1817 in , Licking Co., Ohio.24 He died on Jun 14, 1891 in Prospect, Marion Co., Ohio. He was buried in Prospect Cem., Marion Co., Ohio. BR: 1-History of Marion Co., 1883, Bio of John Wesley Boyd MR: 1-History of Marion Co., 1883, Bio of John Wesley Boyd

DR: 1-LAB info 2-Tombstone, Prospect Cem. 3-Compiled Records of Boyd Family by Myrna Boyd Williams notes month and date of death.

"The year he died he had the measles and he was recuperating. He insisted on getting out on the porch where it was cold. Someone told him to get in before he caught cold and he told them to mind their own business. He ended up getting pneumonia or something that took him off."-LAB

"JOHN WESLEY BOYD, farmer, was born in Licking County, Ohio, October 5, 1817, and is a son of Joseph and Sarah (Devol) Boyd, both born near the Potomac River in Maryland, who came to Ohio about the year 1814, and located in Licking County, and in 1825 or 1826, came to Marion County and entered eighty acres of land three miles north of Waldo. They subsequently bought 160 acres of land in Pleasant Township, some three or four miles west of their first farm. The father died on the old farm in 1846 and his wife died at the same place four years afterward (1854?). They had four children-Edwin, Sylvester, John W., and George. Previous to his marriage to Sarah, he was married to Miss Scott, by whom he had the following children: Joseph, Hiram , William, Eleanor, Ann and Mary, all deceased. He was an old line Whig in politics and served the township as Justice of the Peace for two terms. John Wesley Boyd, the subject of this sketch, was reared on a farm, and when twenty-one years of age his father deeded the 160 acres in Pleasant Township to him and his brother Sylvester, where he resided for the next tem or twelve years. During this time, he was married to Isabel M. Davids, daughter of William and Margaret Davids, of Pleasant Township. The ceremony was performed April 21, 1845. From this marriage there were two children: one, C.J. Boyd, married Christina Smith, and died January 19, 1883, leaving four children; the other one is deceased. Mr Boyd's wife died in 1857, and he was again married January 10, 1861 to Mary E. Roads, daughter of John and Margaret (Winegardener) Roads; by the last marriage there were six children-Mary E., Alice K., Henry H., Lousia, Wilson G., and Frank E., who died in infancy. In 1852, Mr. Boyd bought the 100 acres of land where he resides at $14 per acre. It is now valued at $100 per acre. It was then nearly all wild land; at present it is all improved except fifteen acres of timber. His present residence was built in 1877. It is one of the finest farm residences in the township. The farm lies two miles east of Prospect Village. Mr. Boyd is a Republican, and although this is a Democratic Township, he has been elected and served as Trustee two terms; also as Judge of elections. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd and their two eldest children are members of the Baptist Church."-From "History of Marion County, Ohio", Leggett Conway and Co., Chicago, 1883.

"When John Wesley Boyd was twenty-one years old his father deeded to him and his brother Sylvester one hundred and sixty acres. He lived there about ten years before moving to another farm, which was always referred to in the family as "the new farm". April 21, 1845, John Wesley Boyd married Isabel Davids, daughter of William and Margaret Davids. In 1850, they brought into their home the three orphaned children of his half-brother, Hiram Boyd. While I was growing up my grandmother spoke often with great love and respect of Uncle Wesley Boyd and the many happy hours she had spent at his home."-E. Berkshire


George W. BOYD25 was born on Oct 2, 1819 in , Licking Co., Ohio. He died in Mar 1849 in , , Texas, Mexico.26 Annals of Boyd Family state that he "died in service" in the Mexican War. "He never married and lived on his father's farm until enlisting at the time of the Mexican-American War. He died in Mexico in 1849." - (E. Berkshire)

Compiled Records of Boyd Family by Myrna Boyd Williams notes month of death as March. We have the following letter that he wrote home, believed to be his last:

March 18th, 1849

Dear Brother Camp Salado Near San Antona Texas
I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to let you know that I received your letter on the 20 of November last Which gave me great pleasure to hear that you were all in tolerable good health. Since I wrote to you last I have traveled a great ways and do expect to start from this Camp in about one month for a place in New Mexico called Elpasso. From the best accounts of the front it is about seven hundred Miles from San Antona Debecker. I am well and hope these lines may find you enjoying the same health. I am in good spirits and do hope to see you all again. The time passes away very sow(sic) and tedius but every day now counts one. I have not quite one year to serve my Country. You stated that you wrote to Washington but I suppose it is of no account. There is nothing heard from it. You wanted to know whether a soldier would get his pay if discharged before the expiration of his enlistment. A soldier gets pay every two months if in regular garrison but some times they are not payd(sic) for four months. But if a soldier is dischared he gets his full pay all that is due him at his enlistment.
I want you to let me know how you all get on and how things and mater(sic) are in general and how my affares(sic) stand. I want you to see that mother is comfortable and that everything is right on the farm and to see that the taxes are paid on home farm and on the lot that is west of Marion and to get all the papers concerning them and Deeds and file them away so that they do not get lost. For they will come good to me some time for if I should live to see March fifty I shall have my discharge which is good to me for one hundred and sixty acres of land which I can take any where in the United States where there is land for entry. I expect to get to the gold region yet before long in New Mexico. All the cry is gold in California every body is going from there(sic) homes to California. Wages are very high. A labouring man they say gets from fifty to sixty dollars a month of diging(sic) gold so who nose(sic) what luck i might have.
I will close by giving my best respects to mother and brother and relation and to all that may inquire.
I want you to answer this letter as soon as can and let me know what is doing there. You will direct your letters to San Antonia, Texas, 3rd Regiment of Infantry, Company I, USA

I Remain Your Respectfully Sylvester Boyd,
Sergt, George W. Boyd

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