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Fifth Generation

26. Henry SHERMAN was born about Feb 28, 1824. He died on May 13, 1879. He was buried in Berkshire Cem., Berkshire, Ohio. Entry in Military History of Ohio, Pub 1886, H.H. Hardesty, New York -
Shields, Henry, father of Mrs. C.H. Mosher e. at Deleware, O. summer of 1861, co D, 20th O.V.I.; com. 2nd lieut.; res in 1862 for disab.; died at Sunbury, Ohio May 13, 1881.

Notice that while the last name is listed as Sheilds, he is listed as father of Mrs. C.H. Mosher, who Henry Sherman was. They both died on May 13, Sheilds in Sunbury, Sherman buried in Berkshire cemetary (where you were buried if you lived in Sunbury).

27. Esther Hattie YOUNG was born on Feb 20, 1826 in Delaware Co., Ohio.20 She died on Nov 11, 1876. She was buried in Berkshire Cem., Berkshire, Ohio. Children were:


Charles Henry SHERMAN was born on May 21, 1857 in Berkshire, Delaware Co., Ohio.20 He died on Nov 6, 1935 in Waukegan, Illinois.20 Betty Boyd remembers this Uncle Chuck. He lived in Chicago and would stop in to see the Moshers when he came to Ohio.


Lunett Nettie SHERMAN was born on Aug 4, 1847. She died on Jul 4, 1916.





Sarah Augusta SHERMAN was born on Oct 3, 1853. She died on Dec 22, 1908.


Everett SHERMAN was born on Jan 16, 1856. He died on Apr 10, 1891. He was buried in Berkshire Cem., Berkshire, Ohio.

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