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Fourth Generation

12. Charles Henry MOSHER was born on Jun 15, 1848 in Cardington, Morrow Co., Ohio. He died on Apr 12, 1933 in Waldo, Marion Co., Ohio. He was buried in Fulton Cem., Morrow Co., Ohio. C.H. Mosher lived in Waldo the later part of his life (the late 20s and 30s). His son Charles Orba and his family lived with he and Emma in Waldo. My mother remebers living there with them.
He was a stone mason all of his life. Several of his sons became stone masons as well.
His wife Emma is shown as owning about two or three acres in Fulton in 1901 in the Morrow County Atlas of 1901. He and Emma are buried in Fulton, Ohio.
Charles Henry MOSHER and Emma SHERMAN were married on Oct 20, 1869.

13. Emma SHERMAN was born on Sep 15, 1850. She died on Mar 4, 1932 in Waldo, Marion Co., Ohio. She was buried in Fulton Cem., Morrow Co., Ohio. Children were:


Harry Alton MOSHER was born on Sep 17, 1870. He died on May 4, 1934 in Fulton, Morrow Co., Ohio.6 He was buried in Fulton Cem., Morrow Co., Ohio. He was a stone mason - he laid stone fronts on houses. This according to Charles William "Bill" Mosher. He lived in Johnstown, OH.


Nettie MOSHER was born on Jun 29, 1873. She died on Feb 29, 1936.


Bert R. MOSHER was born on Sep 10, 1875. He died in 1943. 1901 Atlas of Morrow County lists B.R. Mosher as a constable in Fulton. This was likely Bert Mosher. At the same time, Emma Mosher, his mother, was shown as owning a property in Fulton that was about two or three acres on the North West corner of town.

According to Bill Mosher, he worked at a foundry and is buried somewhere in Columbus.

He and his wife Mayme signed the registry for the Buck/Mosher reunion of 1930 and gave their address as 723 Oak Street.


Ottis Leslie MOSHER was born on Dec 12, 1877. He died on Dec 29, 1937 in Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio.7 He was buried in Rivercliff Cemetary, Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., Ohio.7 Otis was born in Fulton, OH, and then grew up around Caledonia & Germantown. He farmed for a while at Johnstown, and then moved to Bucyrus to work for the railroad.

Lost his leg in a train accident about 1925. He worked on the T&OC branch of the NY Central. He was blind in later years.

After losing his leg, he went to work for an "abulance chaser" (as his son Bill puts it) attourney.

He helped to lay the "Great White Way" on Mansfield and Sandusky Streets in Bucyrus. This was an electical street light system.


Monta MOSHER was born on Jan 7, 1882. He died on Aug 11, 1882.



Charles Orba MOSHER.


Pansy Augusta MOSHER8 was born on Sep 23, 1890 in , Morrow Co., Ohio. She died on Aug 1, 1974 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio.

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