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Fifth Generation

20. John WEBER was born on Sep 4, 1822 in , Cappellen Prov., Bavaria, Germany. He died on Jan 2, 1907 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio. He is reference number 20.

21. Catherine SWINSBURGER was born on Jul 20, 1832 in , , , Germany. She died in 1892. She is reference number 21. Children were:


Edward Frank WEBER.


John WEBER Jr. was born on Nov 10, 1852 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. He died on Feb 24, 1918 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio. He was buried in Marion Cemetery. Info from Marion Star Obit Feb 25, 1918. Clipping in possesion of John Boyd of Akron.

Lived at 448 Cherry Street, Marion. Worked for the Saiter Tin and Roofing store for over 40 years. He once fell through a skylight while the Grim Block Co. was being built. He was nearly killed.

Went by Jony - from letter from him to Frank Weber - signed Jony. 1905-06 Marion City Directory lists John (Katharine), tinner, h 432 Cherry.



William WEBER.


Charles WEBER was born in 1857. He died on Sep 19, 1886.


Franklin WEBER was born in 1860. He died on Jan 17, 1878.


Albert R. WEBER was born on Apr 13, 1866 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio. He died on Sep 14, 1895 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio.


Mary WEBER was born on Nov 14, 1868. She died on Jul 8, 1904.


Nettie WEBER was born on Dec 27, 1872.

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