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Seventh Generation

66. John DUVALL was born on Jul 21, 1744 in , Prince Geo. Co., Maryland. He died on Jan 14, 1824. BR and DR from Family Bible. Info provided by M. Boyd and Olin Boyd, grandson of John J.L. Boyd of Missouri.

From the book, "Maureen Duvall of Middle Plantation"-"John Duvall, son of Benjamin and Mary (Wells) Duvall, was born July 21, 1744, in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince Georges County. He was appointed the executor of his father's estate in 1804 and was devised the parental dwelling on 'Tewksbury', including the plantation of 100 acres. His wife was Frances ______. (A John Duvall obtained in Balto. Co. on June 18, 1783, to marry Frances Duvall. If he were the same John Duvall, the latter was 39 at the time of marriage. The only Frances Duvall of this period seems to be Frances, daughter of Lewis and Alice (Brown) Duvall.) In January 1819, he conveyed to Nathan Waters, of Cherry Walk, for $1,800 'Tewkesbury' of 100 acres and the tract 'Walker's Delight'. Frances Duvall, his wife, waived dower. According to the papers of Judge Duvall, he had a son Isaac who had five sons and five daughters."-pg. 254

Since the birthdate of John Duvall and his wife's name given in this book match the family bible records, I am assuming that the information given in the book is that of our ancestor. I also assume that Judge Duvall had the son's name wrong and it should be Israel, not Isaac. If these relationships are correct, it would mean that John and Frances were first cousins that married. Both their grandparents were Maureen Duvall and Elizabeth Jacob.

67. Frances DUVALL was born on Feb 23, 1753. She died on May 15, 1827. Records form Boyd family Bible.
Merged General Note:
Info from family bible provided by M. Boyd and Olin Boyd, grandson of John J.L. Boyd of Missouri. Children were:





Israel DUVAL was born on Aug 5, 1784 in , , Maryland. Info from M. Boyd In the book, "Maureen Duvall of Middle Plantation", an Israel Duvall is mentioned that I believe is this individual. "Israel Duvall. He was born about 1784 in Maryland. On July 21, 1814, in Anne Arundel County, he enlisted as a private in Capt. Francis Bealmear's Co., Col. Hood's Regt., 2nd Md. Regt, and was discharged on August 17, 1814. As a resident of Cooksville, Howard Co. Md., he applied on Apr. 21, 1871 for a pension. Reuben Warfield and Amos Duvall testified to his character; Amos Duvall and Martha Duvall testified to his loyalty during the War Between the States. In 1878 he stated that he had been a widower for many years and that he had no minor children. His application for a pension was rejected, inasmuch as he served only 28 days. In 1850 Israel Duvall was living in Howard District, A.A. Co., aged 66, a miller by occupation. He was living in the household of Amos Duvall, aged 28, miller, born Ohio. Other members of the household were: Martha Duvall aged 34, born Md.; James J. Duvall aged 2; Richard T. Duvall aged 6 mos.; Reuben Selby aged 63, miller." pgs. 554-555.

It appears from the information in the book that 1) Israel Duvall lived to be over 87, 2) His wife preceded him in death, and 3) he ended up living with his son Amos and his family.

I think Israel did have more children than we have record of. The family bible also notes a Martha Duvall that died 4 Jan. 1824 and a Margaret Duvall born 1 Dec. 1825, the same date as Annie or Alice Duvall.

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