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Edmond B. MOSHER M.D
"Uncle Doc"

Edmond MosherEdmond B. MOSHER M.D was born June 30, 1837, the first child of David & Phebe Buck Mosher, in Morrow County, Ohio. According to the 20th Century History of Delaware County, he "read medicine" and apparently worked as a physician in Morrow Co.

According to Deleware County Ohio Biographies, Edmond Mosher was born June 30, 1837, in Morrow Co.; at the age of 2, his parents moved to Knox Co., Ill.. and was there five years ; they then returned to Morrow Co., and engaged in farming; when 17, he attended school at Mt. Hesper, Ohio; after ward attended the Wesleyan University at Delaware one year; he then taught one term of school, near Ashley; in 1853, he began reading medicine with Dr. I. H. Pennock, of South Woodbury, Ohio, and continued three years ; in 1856, he attended one term of lectures at the Starling Medical College at Columbus; then practiced medicine at Ashley until the war broke out.

In 1861 at the beginning of the Civil War, he enlisted in the 15 OVI, Company C. The enlistment record shows both he and his brother Theodore enlisted as privates in Company C of the 15th OVI, and even though Edmond was a physician before the war (which is noted on the enlistment record) he is not listed as part of the division's medical staff until May of 1862. On April 24, 1864 he was reduced from Hospital Steward and was discharged on September 20, 1864 in order to accept position as Asst. Surgeon in the 172nd O.V.I.. Theodore (Teddy) was also a hospital steward.

In the enlistment records of the 126th OVI, Edmond is listed as the father of Charles H. Mosher (Charles was actually his brother). When Charles' father allowed him to enlist in 1864 he was only 15 years old and Edmond was 26 or 27 years old, and as a battle worn regimental physician, he might well have passed for 15 year old Charles' father.

Edmond, as a part of the 15th OVI, saw much bitter fighting, serving under Grant and Sherman in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

His military record is documented in the U.S. National Archives and I've made a summary of those documents here.

After the Civil War, Edmond returned to Morrow County and was a doctor practicing in Olive Green in Morrow County, later moving to Sunbury, then to Deleware. By 1892, he was living in Columbus. His practice continued in each of these locations.

Edmond Mosher's home in Columbus OhioIn Columbus his office was attached to the side of his home. His home was at 743 Oak street, and the office was at 745 Oak Street according to the Columbus city directory. The office was simply a room added onto the side of his house that provided a separate door. The house still exists there on Oak Street in Columbus, in a now historic district. I've been through the house.

His wife Mary was a nurse-attendant at an "asylum" presumably the Ohio State Hospital. Also living with them were two of his four daughters, Myrtle and Grace M. Mosher.

Living just down the street from Edmond, was his brother Elmore. He lived at 1309 Oak Street where he ran a business as a stone mason.

Edmond died in 1909 and was buried in Sunbury Memorial Park in Delaware County. In 1913, Edmond's wife Mary was living with Elmore in Columbus.

Edmond Mosher's DaughtersHe married Martha LIGGETT in Sep 1857. Martha LIGGETT was born 1839. They had the following children: Cora MOSHER, Myrtle L. MOSHER, Minnie MOSHER, Grace M. MOSHER . Death record in Delaware Co. Ohio, for Martha L. Mosher died Feb. 8, 1922. Marth is buried in Sunbury Memorial Park next to Edmond.

My aunt Gloria, called him Uncle Doc. She said that he nursed her aunt Pansy back to health when she was burned so badly as a child. According to aunt Gloria, when Pansy was about 3 years old she was playing with her older brothers who were smoking and somehow she was caught on fire. She was burned badly and given up for dead by other doctors. Uncle Doc, however doctored her back to health. According to Gloria, Aunt Pansy lost her breasts to the damages of the fire.

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