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Grandpa Mosher and Jim Thorpe

Grandpa was a sports fan (baseball mostly, and maybe a little football). He told me about seeing the first football game he'd ever seen. He thought they were fighting constantly until someone explained it to him. In the same context he told me about shooting craps with Jim Thorpe. I gathered that the football game had something to do with Jim Thorpe.

Of course Jim Thorpe had played professional football for the Canton Bulldogs and later had his own pro team, the Oorang Indians.

Ok. so I was contacted in 2014 by James George regarding his families connection to Jim Thorpe. His grandfather owned a bar in Mount Gilead in the 30s and said that Jim Thorpe drank there frequently. Of course Grandpa lived in Mount Gilead at one time and being from Fulton (nearby Mt. Gilead) may well have frequented Mount Gilead even when he lived in Waldo and Marion.

Here's a link to an article by Mr. George and a pdf copy of the article in case the link goes dead (which it no doubt will eventually)

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